Vintage glamour, pin up and fetish inspired photography that sits somewhere between Helmut Newton and a John Willie comic. You're welcome to be my voyeur. Come on inside.

We found a beautiful old Kiwi villa to shoot in. Bathed in natural light.. but not too much. It made for the right kind of photographic environment to create some wonderful grainy, soft pictures like they used to make for the 70's era Playboy mags. That's the tone and style that we ran with. A beautiful apricot coloured satin petticoat, some vintage tan nylons (yes the real deal, as you'd expect here) and the rest is just Velvet doing what she does so very well.  Seriously I stole Playboy mags that carried images like these.  They're the kind of images that I note Playboy are trying to find their way back too.  They're the kind of images they should never have moved away from IMHO.  Tasteful, sensual, sexy and not a single shot you couldn't have as wall art.

This set has around 30 images exclusively found here.