A little bit sexy, a little bit rock n roll

Vintage glamour, pin up and fetish inspired photography that sits somewhere between Helmut Newton and a John Willie comic.
You're welcome to be my voyeur. Come on inside.

"My go - to models. All total fun to work with. All sexy as fuck. Each a boss.  #oosh "

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Velvet Decollete

I dig models that get into the vibe I am trying to create. As a result it's no surprise that Velvet and I are making some awesome stuff together. She gets completely what's going on in my head. That's slightly concerning but fuckin fun. Bettie Page - she's looked at all the pics. John Willie - yep, she loves his stuff. I'll say something like "hey I got this bit of lingerie today and wanna do something like a mashed up Playboy meets Willie kinda fucked up thing"... she'll say, "sweet, can I wear those 6 inch heels I saw in your models wardrobe last time I was over ?". No idea is too ridiculous. I give her the ball and she runs off with it.

I've started calling her the NZ version of Mosh because that's exactly what she's like. Outrageously sexy, super fun to hang out with, a fantastic model to shoot. Her retrolicious underwear collection is totally on point. I love this bossbabe. She's pushing my creative envelope and I can't get enough of it. There's heaps and heaps of photo sets of her that you can look at and she's going to continue to be a very regular model on this site!


rose halfpenny

Rose blows my mind every time. How fuckin boss is a woman who competitively races speedway with the manliest of petrol heads on Saturday evenings? Rides an Aprilia motorbike in her spare time and rocks up to photoshoots with a collection of retro undies she's found on Ebay and says "I immediately thought of you when I saw this"... Yeah, that's my kind of woman.

Totally and utterly a professional model, she's capable of pulling any look and vibe you want so as a photog it's a dream ride shooting with her. And she's ballsy too. Thinking out loud ... were I to say I wanna do a shoot of a model waiting at the arrival hall of an airport dressed in her suspenders... Rose is definitely the one who'd do it. So yeah a lot of the time with Rose we end up driving around looking for cool cityscapes to shoot in.. combining a bit of that fashion model aesthetic into my stuff. Helmut Newton would have loved her. Nuff said!


Nicole Nirvana

So, so glad to see the return of Nicole to the modelling game. What a cool lady. Easy going, easy to hang out with, gets the whole vibe of the shoots and plays the part perfectly. She really engages with her fans too. Make a comment on her page, she'll answer you back. Oh yeah and she makes her own clothing and lingerie - go visit her website - Forgotten Lockett. Do I need to say anything other than Maximum #oosh ? No I don't.


Ruby Von Rifle

She's got the magnificent bum and boobs (voted so by people other than me so I’m saying that in the most non sexist way possible, believe me) and the shapeliest legs going. She's also got the gorgeous shock of red hair too but I have to tell you where Ruby does it for me is her amazing eyes.

No one shoots her like I do. I don't know what it is but my camera loves Ruby. She used to have Monday's free which totally suited me. I'd call her and if she had nothing happening we'd get together and shoot. I love how she's slightly shy - or at least quiet until she gets to know you - yet totally relaxed wandering around in her underwear in front of panel beaters or telephone servicemen (true stories). She's a real trooper for me too. I drag out any sort of impossible high heel and she'll teeter around risking ankle breakage to get the shot I want. She's also highly capable of shocking me with a frank and descriptive explanation of some porn term /scene over a cup of coffee post shoot. She's cool. Real cool and I love hanging out with her. Anyway, she's on a sabbatical for a wee bit but when she gets back you know who's going to be back on the bill. In the meantime I have something like a million photos of her that you can look at :)


Scarlet Shaftworthy

No words, just #oosh. I adore this chick. Her Fb page makes my day. Everyday.


Lilly Loca