A little bit sexy, a little bit rock n roll

Vintage glamour, pin up and fetish inspired photography that sits somewhere between Helmut Newton and a John Willie comic.
You're welcome to be my voyeur. Come on inside.

In my members area there are 15 photo sets on rotation. Each week I'll be adding a new set and featuring some older shoots I have done as bonuses. Photo sets range from 10 to 50 images. Many images have never been shown on any other website or on my social media pages. Presently there are several sets being shown that will never be shown anywhere but here. My commitment is to maintain my narrow focus on the things that I personally find aesthetically pleasing - the stockings, the high heels, the power suits, the retro lingerie- and to continue to hone my photographic style that sits favorably with some of the fetish, pin up and fashion photographers that I admire.  What you currently see is what you're going to keep getting. Just more and higher quality as time goes on.

I have 2 membership options:  Option 1 - a one off payment of $30 (NZD) which will give you access to the members area for 30 days ;  or Option 2 - a recurring monthly billing option where your card will be automatically billed each month for the amount of $25 (NZD).  You can stop the recurring billing at any time.

Note !! the New Zealand dollar is crap compared to the US, Euro or Pound so this represents awesome value.

If you're not quite sure you want to spend that you can always check out some of my stuff for free on Instagram or Facebook (you won't get the exclusive content though) or you can go to my store here and buy an ebook which gives you a bit of a taster of what's going on behind the curtain.   Anyway, even if you decide to do nothing and find your fix elsewhere I appreciate that you stopped by and had a look around. Thank You!   I hope to see you inside.