A little bit sexy, a little bit rock n roll

Vintage glamour, pin up and fetish inspired photography that sits somewhere between Helmut Newton and a John Willie comic.
You're welcome to be my voyeur. Come on inside.

Yeah, I take photos of attractive women in their underwear. It's what I do.  I do other stuff too, what I mean is this is what I like to do.

"Some sort of beautiful collision between Helmut Newton and John Willie. Maybe add a dash of Irving Klaw and the sensibilities of late 1970's Playboy mags that I stole from the Leabank Shops when I was a kid. That's what I'm after. Stockings, high heels, glam, sleaze and tease."

 It's pretty much always going to be skyscraper high heels, genuine fully fashioned stockings or some other sort of fetishy elements that wouldn't have looked out of place in a John Willie drawing. I don't really have much interest in high gloss swimsuit stuff that you can find all over the internet these days. If that's your gig I may not be the photographer, and this wont be the website,  for you.  I like that old school aesthetic. The sort of look that a lot of modern publishers think is too shitty to make their magazine.  Lol, the best photos ever made were too shitty to make their magazine.


I'm not ultra fussed on kitchy pin ups either. I like it a bit more Rolling Stones than The Beatles if you get my drift.  Don't get me wrong, I love pin up but I was at an impressionable age around that era when Playboy and Penthouse mags were left semi discretely around the house. I still remember the first one I stole from our local shop ... Patti McGuire Playmate of the year 1977.  #oosh.  And then we got the 80's with the power suits and Joan Collins.  I'm now irrevocably stuck in that time.  Yeah I'll shoot tasteful pin ups but give me a bossy dominant woman in a power suit every time.  Sleazy, sure, but it's all on their terms. Liberation for women, that's what I preach. Ladies, leave your frilly petti-coats and polka dots at the door.

I also shoot all manner of pics:  sport, cars, rock bands, portraits. But this site is all about the women.

Models: I'm on good terms with all manner of publishers. If you'd like to shoot with me,  flick me an email.


I had seen 2-3 pictures from that guy that had been shared on tumblr. Fortunately, I could easily find the website and Facebook page of Froger photo thanks to their watermarks. Then, I discovered the crazy and lovely world of this great photographer!
Models, atmospheres, technique, ideas, outfits, crazy heels and humor... this is the basic recipe of the pictures you will see here!

Keep doing what you do because you do it good
— Poly Amide


My work is frequently published in various international magazines ... for example; Delicious Dolls, Retro Lovely, Sinical, Nylon-zine, Boudoir-zine and many others.